Send, Receive & Manage Tailored Calls & Opportunities

Platform for Artistic Business Interaction

We are working hard on the launch of ArtConnected, a new platform that is going to revolutionise the way the entire arts sector is doing business. Leave us your email and we’ll notify you as soon as we launch.

To keep up-to-date with the progress of ArtConnected please see www.artconnected.ie

The entire arts sector at your finger tips

ArtConnected is an online platform for artistic business interactions linking the entire arts sector through seamless communication. It has been developed to specifically meet communication needs of artists, artistic professionals, organisations, festivals, venues and service providers.

ArtConnected provides a streamlined solution allowing sending, receiving and managing tailored calls and opportunities.

With our simple tagging algorithm your call, opportunity or request will directly reach artists, venues or service providers who exactly meet your brief. You can also track how many relevant people have received, responded or engaged with your call via ArtConnected user interface. Finally you can group the responders and communicate with them individually or as a group.

This simple quality software allows artistic professionals to focus their energy on your mission-critical activities making their lives easier and work much more effective.

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To sign up and be notified when ArtConnected is online please go to www.artconnected.ie

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