Why should a musician look at the music business side?

Spending time on developing business skills, sitting on the computer writing biographies and press releases, information and background stories about songs, singing up to organisations, setting up web pages and social media sites and maintaining these takes a lot of...


FAQ – Can we list our workspace on the site too?

We are starting to get some great questions about ArtConnected and what it can do for you. Helen writes, "Can we list our workspace on the site too? I ‘d also like to update some print studio info." Well Helen thanks for the great question.  Part of the new...

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Why is entrepreneurship in the arts so important?

Part of the reason why we think that ArtConnected is so important is the role that Entrepreneurship plays in the arts.  Below is a copy of a paper we gave on the topic. This paper given at the opening of the Trans National Cultural Exchange Project Conference at...

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Just What is ArtConnected?

So what is ArtConnected? Well think of it as the “Linking the arts sector!" What is ArtConnected, well we think the best way to describe it is as the “LINKING THE ARTS SECTOR". ArtConnected allows for the fast & easy exchange of information on opportunities & jobs in...

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