Christina asked “as a practitioner who has difficulty sourcing the people I’d like working with me and my studio. How does ArtConnected help me?”
One of the basic functions of ArtConnected is to allow users to search for people or organisations working in the arts sector.  ArtConnected will eventually help users to access constantly updated profiles, competences, interest and skills of each member of the Arts Sector in any geographical area for better collaboration, programming and distribution of available opportunities.
So do you have any questions about ArtConnected and what it could do for you?  Send them into us and we will get post our answers in ArtConnected’s FAQ section.
What is ArtConnected?
As you know we have described ArtConnected as a linking the Arts sector.
With ArtConnected you can: 
Create your calls and reach out to Artists nationwide in no time!
View the available opportunities.
Get ongoing update about all available and matching calls and opportunities. Grants, Commissions & Residencies.
Find venues, studios or rehearsal spaces nationwide. Try it out for yourself and see how ArtConnected provides the tools for you to turn that passion into your profession!