Spending time on developing business skills, sitting on the computer writing biographies and press releases, information and background stories about songs, singing up to organisations, setting up web pages and social media sites and maintaining these takes a lot of time and effort. And the worst thing: It takes away from your practicing/playing/composing time as a musician.

That is all true. But what is the best music worth if no one ever gets to listen to it. A professional musician who wants to make a living with playing music should look at his music as a business and therefore needs to be doing some business related things all the time. No question, that your music is still the most important part of your career. This is why an evenly spread out weekly schedule for taking care of your business side is worth looking at. If you just spend 1-2 hours every day on doing some business related things you will have great benefit from that:

  •          regular income
  •          better image
  •          bigger budgets for better recordings/pictures/videos/artwork
  •          more connections/contacts and a bigger network
  •          better and bigger gigs
  •          bigger audience and more exposure
  •          …and in the long term: people who will look after your business for you.

Why should a musician look at the music business side? was written by Mathias Baumann.



German born Mathias Baumann has been a teacher of music for over 15 years including the subjects of Guitar, Songwriting, Composition, Music Theory, Ear Training, Piano and Bass. Additionally he has been working in different studios in Germany and Ireland and works currently with Tuscany Soundz Studios, Dublin as a producer.

In 2010 he formed his independent label Artlane Music (https://www.artlanemusic.com) which specialises in artist development.

As a professional musician and band leader he has recorded and played live with cover and original bands in different countries for more than 20 years. Mathias graduated from Newpark Music Centre with a BAHons in Jazz Performance.

The article was originally published on Mathias’s blog https://makemusicmakemoneyblog.wordpress.com/ and is reproduced here with his consent.